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Gold Standard of Brand Management

More than a marketing agency or public relations firm, Lirim specializes in strategies for elite clients who require the utmost care and attention.

Our Services Include

Public Relations

We cater to the unique needs of governments, multinational corporations, religious movements, and heads of state. Planetary influencers require specialized handling and management of public image, media relations, and brand development. Our firm orchestrates campaigns in the interests of high-level leadership and prominent executives whose decisions and public image carry the weight of international effect. 

Online Outreach

The modern Internet age carries new and uncharted influence with its global reach of billions. Our online campaigns are devised to reach large segments of technological populations and create global awareness for future political campaigns, religious movements, and the acceptance of government policies. By uniting the most powerful aspects of social media marketing, online advertising, and high-value influencer promotion into a multi-year campaign, we ensure true global immersion of your message.

Crisis Management

As your success and public awareness increases, so does the possibility of unforeseen events that threaten your influence. By preparing for threats preemptively, our firm can ensure effective management in the event of a global-scale public event.

But while preparations are key, not all crisis can be predicted, and even the most careful can find themselves in unfortunate situations. Our team can navigate the public relations required in the event of harm, disappearance, or criminal investigation of public officials or high-value individuals, and protect the integrity of the global brands and industries that rely upon them.

Public Writing

In the realm of religious and government leadership, every word spoken and written is placed under the microscope of public opinion. The views of entire populations can be altered by the words of their leaders — either positively or negatively. Billionaires and schoolchildren alike study the words of the world’s most powerful influencers.

Your words outlive you and your future generations, saved forever in government libraries and cathedral halls. To ensure the resounding clarity and power of your message, we implement a multi-step process that includes the services of professional writers and a team of social psychologists specializing in the studies of men, women, seniors, children, and teens. Our experts include leaders in the pseudoscience of neurolinguistic communication to ensure that every word provides the outcome you intend. 

Crisis Preemption

Your brand is only as strong as its weakest link. Negative public perception of character or actions — regardless of accuracy — can tarnish even the most established global leader. As with all high-value operations, contingency plans must be prepared in advance for swift dissolution of threats.

Our specialists vet and analyze all potential future threats, and devise effective responses to each situation. By using our unique connection with the press and media, as well as our network of elite clients, many threats can be dissolved without public awareness.

Other Services

Our specialists span all corners of the globe in nearly every industry, forming a team that can fulfill any and all needs of our elite clientele. As a full-service agency, we have successfully managed many international projects ranging from book releases and media tours, to political campaigns and religious establishments.

Be assured that whatever your require, Lirim can provide.