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Global Policy Analyst | Careers At LIRIM

LIRIM is currently seeking candidates for the following position:


Schedule: Full Time (or consultancy, if applicable)
Salary: $120,000 – $145,000*
Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA

Lirim is a leading public relations firm specializing in the management of culturally-shifting media campaigns and strategies for global influencers. We cater to the unique marketing needs of societal leadership and prominent executives whose decisions carry the weight of international effect.

Our firm is actively seeking candidates with prior experience in political and/or religious policy, diplomatic relationships, and the assessment of domestic and international ideologies. Our candidate should be familiar with the motivations and cultures of a wide variety of governments and their leadership, especially: United Kingdom, United States, Qatar, Luxembourg, Singapore, Norway, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Kuwait, Denmark, Belgium, Japan.

Our candidates may be required to maintain professional relationships with global leaders, and to present findings before officials when appropriate.


PHD degree in areas relating to Political Science, National Security Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Consumer Psychology, or International Relations.

*Any additional degrees relating to psychology, demography, anthropology, or media studies will increase the base salary of this position.

A proficiency in English is required. Proficiency in Arabic/Farsi or Mandarin is highly desired.

Strong writing skills.

Previous security clearance issued by the United States government is highly desired.


Prior to acceptance, applicants may be required to complete a psychological exam, a polygraph interview, and/or a background investigation, depending on their assigned project focus.

Due to the nature of our clients, our employees may be required to undergo an anonymity program. Employees may be required to deactivate and delete all public-facing accounts, including social media (i.e. Twitter and Facebook), to maintain a zero-visibility profile regarding photos or videos that may identify their movements or our clients, and to undertake a pseudonym in certain communications. Please submit an application only if you are able and willing to comply with this requirement.

We ask that you exercise discretion when disclosing your interest in a position at our firm to family or friends.


If you or your client match the specifications above (with allowances for minor deviations) please submit the items below to [email protected] in a single email with the subject line LIRIM JOB APPLICATION – (Your Name)

Your resume (attached as a Word doc)

A cover letter detailing your qualifications and specific points that differentiate you from other candidates.

At least 1 letter of recommendation regarding your character, determination, and previous work experience (pasted in your email)

At least 2 samples of previous work.

LIRIM is an equal opportunity employer.